This Is Our DNA

At Worship Live our focus is to grow the Kingdom through worship gatherings that bring forth the bold radical love of Jesus.  Our foundation is the Word of God, so expect to experience miracles, purpose and transformation in your life at every event, all we ask is that you come with an open heart.  We are not a church or religious organization, we are part of the Kingdom in motion and God's plan for redemption through Christ. Our partnerships include musicians, organizations  and individuals that have a heart for discipleship and are intentional about sharing the Gospel through musical expression.  When you come to a Worship Live event you will experience authentic worship and our hope and prayer is that you have an encounter with the living God that will set you on a path to change the world for Christ.

The What

We have come to realize that worshipping God through music has no master, and because of that, a person expresses their worship through a multitude of music styles. We don't adhere to the belief that to worship God there needs to be one certain style of music.  We believe music should foster an abundance of freedom, a catalyst to break free from sin, and come close to the Creator.  Worship music should create an environment in accordance with truth.  It's purpose, not prudence, that brings forth freedom through authentic worship. It goes deep and breaks the hardest of hearts, so God can reveal Himself as Abba Father, and that my friend, springs forth repentance.

The Why

Our driving call is joining together with passionate musicians that have experienced His creative force - from the spare room, the streets, or the stage.  It's those artists that realize life is messy, but love is greater.  If we had to summarize, it's bringing musician's together that pursue Christ with the same unquenchable fire of that final Kingdom calling through music.

The How 

We partner with Holy Spirit minded musicians that are passionate about redeeming our world with love, compassion and conviction.  Our passion is to glorify God and do our part to influence people away from the path of self-destruction.  We do so by utilizing worship events both locally and globally to spread the gospel and foster discipleship. Through these strategic partnerships, Worship Live helps support Kingdom initiatives and ignite God’s purpose in people through the power of music.

The Hope & Calling

We are His hands and feet, but also His voice calling out across generations; to reveal God's kingdom and bring the lost home to Him. We'll only accomplish this mission together, by building relationships, equipping, mentoring, and worshipping through truth.  We hope you will join with us, in worshipping God together, to bring about the transforming love of Christ to a bruised and hurting world.