Worshipper On Fire

We as human beings are hard wired with a desire to fulfill a purpose, a cause, and ultimately, community. I believe this is what it means to be "created in His image" -Jay Hartwell.

We are here to build a worship community of believers, but especially one that is not a closed loop.  Just like the heavens, it should be ever expanding.  Our format for the show is to chat with musicians that have a God-driven purpose, those that create music to intertwine with the Gospel - not replace it. To casually chat with artists about life changing events and impactful moments that have brought forth some of the most authentic worship music in Christianity. Also, to those that serve unseen, picking up their instruments or singing without acknowledgment or fanfare. We are in search of how worship changes people's lives and going deeper with the artists behind the passion to serve God mightily through music. 

This podcast has come to life from years of seeking and waiting on God about it's format and design.  I made God and myself a promise - that the show would be more than interesting stories and moments, that truth would not be second to sensationalism, and the show would stay true to it's original design...His design.

The Worshipper on Fire podcast is unscripted and, at times, unconventional.  You will get a true-to-life experience of the journey that musicians take as they seek to minister to God and bring people closer to Him.

Worshipper on Fire will include topic shows, live events, and armchair chats inside the life of worship musicians that are living out their faith in an authentic way.   

I hope you are blessed by it and, that by listening, it will amp you up to serve God through music - out in the streets, in your car, in your home, and everywhere you go.    

Go deeper and get inspired, find your calling...BE the Worshipper on Fire!